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Sales & Marketing Webinars

Deliver webinars that get attendees participating

Two-way interactive sessions.
With Ampslide’s unmatched interactive tools, you can go beyond standard one-way sales and marketing webinar presentations.

Besides questions and polling, your attendees can share individual slides in real-time, make meeting requests, take notes on each slide, click on embedded links, take a quiz or survey, and favorite slides.

The more your attendees interact and engage with you and your content, the better you’ll understand their interests and needs.

More engagement = more data = more success.

Host a Webinar
Deliver webinars that get attendees participating
Content that can be engaged with directly

Content that can be engaged with directly

Increase learning at each attendee’s pace
Attendees can rewind slides during a live webinar, enabling extra time to study, contemplate, or share. Attendees select “Sync to Speaker” to catch up.

Embedded links that are clickable
Have a case study, document, or other content you want attendees to view as part of your webinar? Embed the link and instruct attendees to click on it.

Add a dose of surprise and keep attendees engaged
Quiz and poll questions can be automatically or manually shown during a webinar. Before a webinar ends, push out a survey instantly to gather immediate feedback.

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Engage before, during, and after your webinar

Collect questions or perform a survey before going live
Attendees can submit questions or take a survey ahead of time at the same live webinar presentation link. Slides can’t be viewed until the webinar goes live.

Capture live webinar engagement
Get real-time engagement data on each webinar, downloadable as CSV, uploadable to Salesforce or to a custom solution. Use data to accelerate sales and marketing follow up.

On-Demand hosting and tracking
Recorded webinars can be hosted at the same link for on-demand viewing with the same attendee engagement tools and tracking.

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Engage before, during, and after your webinar