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Attendee Intelligence

Unparalleled engagement data

  • Get real-time engagement data on every slide, session, question, poll answer, social share, and meeting request.
  • Identify the best attendee targets for sales and marketing follow-up.
  • Measure the impact of each slide, session, and speaker and get granular detail on your event’s ROI.
  • All data are exportable as CSV, can be integrated directly into Salesforce or to other software platforms through custom integrations.
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Unparalleled engagement data
Smart integrations

Deliver immediate value to sales and marketing teams with highly actionable data integrated into Salesforce.

  • Upload Ampslide’s unmatched attendee engagement data directly into SFDC.
    • Add event attendees as new leads.
    • Append actionable engagement data including meeting requests, questions, poll answers, and more for every event and attendee.
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Custom integrations - we can make it happen

  • Do you want to integrate Ampslide data with a favorite registration, CRM, marketing automation, or other tools?
  • Our team of engineers is ready to help.
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Custom integrations