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Why Aerospike chose Ampslide for its
Aerospike Summit 2022 Mission Now event.


Aerospike is a leader in providing NoSQL distributed database management. Based out of Mountain View, California, Aerospike has developed a real-time data platform designed for organizations to build applications that fight fraud, enable global digital payments, deliver hyper-personalized user experiences to tens of millions of customers, and much more.

Each year, Aerospike puts on an annual summit to engage and educate their customers, partners, and prospects around the world regarding Aerospike’s latest innovations, customer implementations, and partnership successes.

Since the pandemic, Aerospike has been hosting their annual summits virtually. In prior years, Aerospike used a variety of platforms and found all of them lacking in either support, reliability, features, or a combination of these factors.

Aerospike chose Ampslide this year because it could meet 3 major goals for this year’s Summit 2022 Mission Now event.

Create an easy to use, reliable, and engaging experience for all live event attendees.

  • Aerospike was able to effortlessly build a branded event page that spotlighted speakers, allowed attendees to bookmark sessions and add to their calendars.
  • Speakers and panelists were able to easily join sessions using a common, highly reliable and scalable video technology they were already familiar with.
  • Attendees had one-of-a-kind engagement tools like real-time slide sharing, note taking, and meeting requests along with group and private chat, polling, and options for networking.
Ampslide made it extremely easy to get into the platform and I am very happy to report because of their technology, I had zero issues with people getting into our event from rehearsals to live event day. This made it possible for me to focus on what was really important on the day of the event.
Deanne Martin
Senior Events Manager, Aerospike, Inc.

Provide immediate on-demand replays for attendees around the world.

  • Aerospike has customers around the world. For Summit 2022 Mission Now, there were attendees from 49 countries representing every region in the world including Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, South America, and North America.
  • Ampslide provided replays of live sessions for on-demand viewing within minutes of the conclusion of the sessions. This enabled all attendees from every timezone to participate in or view the sessions within 24 hours. Ampslide continues to provide on-demand viewing of all sessions for up to 1 year.

Full on-demand sessions and selected clips can be shared to social media or embedded to any webpage.

Gather insights on attendee registration and engagement.

  • Aerospike’s sales leadership wanted to motivate its sales team to drive registrations for the event from customers and prospects. Ampslide developed a registration tracking feature that led to over 25% of event attendees attributable to the sales team’s efforts.
  • Ampslide also provided detailed engagement reports for every session, every attendee, and every slide presented during a live session. This enabled the sales and event teams to better understand which sessions had the most impact and which attendees were the best targets for post event follow-up. All of the data was available for download or upload to Salesforce.
By using Ampslide, we were able to track all registrations that originated from each sales rep and were able to create an incentive award based program. No other online platform that I researched was able to meet our needs in this area.
Deanne Martin
Senior Events Manager, Aerospike, Inc.

What made Ampslide stand out above the competition: features, exceptional support and service.

Unmatched interactive features.

  • When Aerospike was evaluating other platforms, Ampslide stood out with its set of unique attendee engagement tools that allowed attendees to interact with the speaker and content in novel ways.
    • Ampslide is the only platform that allows attendees to independently rewind presentation slides during a live session, increasing attendee learning.
    • Ampslide’s one-of-a-kind slide sharing feature allows attendees to share any individual slide to social media in real-time.
    • Note-taking is another unique feature that enables attendees to take individual notes associated with each slide.
    • The Request Meeting feature enables attendees to instantly request a meeting with a speaker or contact at Aerospike.

Exceptional support and service.

  • Aerospike’s event team is small. In order to put together a full day event with 13 sessions combining a mix of pre-recordings, live sessions, and fireside chats, it required extra hands. Ampslide’s team provided exceptional white glove support and service prior, during, and after the event.
  • Some of the support and services Ampslide provided included:
    • Developed new features meet Aerospike needs: registration tracking, speaker spotlights, speaker green room, add session to calendar, user and company blocking, intro to event guide
    • Day-of producer and moderator support: Ampslide managed the entire production of the virtual event, from preparing speakers and panelists to managing when sessions go live to moderating chats.
    • Highly flexible and responsive: Ampslide provided near instant response to all Aerospike questions and concerns including troubleshooting, data analysis, reporting, training, and post-event set-up.
Ampslide did a great job of making sure everything was running properly. From the attendees' perspective, everything went really well. I’ll definitely work with Ampslide again.
Deanne Martin
Senior Events Manager, Aerospike, Inc.