Change how you
engage your audience.

Make your slides audience-accessible in real-time,
on any device, with no software required.

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Presenters: instantly share slides in real-time

Whether you're presenting to 1 person or to thousands at the same time, your audience can instantly see your slides on their smartphone, tablet, or PC, anywhere in the world. No clunky app or software is required, saving time and frustration.

Ampslide delivers every action in your slides, from animations to embedded content, to your audience in real-time. Pitch your message the way you built it in your original presentation.

Marketers: host interactive presentations

Your sales and marketing presentations are more effective if your audience can both view and ENGAGE with them.

Visitors to your Ampslide page can interact directly with your presentations. Unlike webinars where visitors can only watch, your visitors can actively click on embedded links, call-to-actions, and share your content to their social network. Turn your prospects to leads and customers by letting them interactively learn about your products and services from Ampslide-hosted presentations.

Conferences: enhance attendee experience

Give conference attendees instant access to your speakers' presentations. Speakers have full-control of when attendees can see their slides.

By having up-close, real-time access to a presenter's slides on their own devices, attendees will no longer have problems seeing what is being presented. Attendees can also share any slides they find interesting to their colleagues or network, enabling real-time conversations to take place.

Do more than just present.

How our customers are using Ampslide.

Like original presentations.

Sales Tool

Ampslide's live-sharing feature enables
sales teams to instantly pitch
prospective customers in real-time to
their device (mobile, tablet, PC)
without clunky software.

100% Cloud

Identify Interest

When presenting to a large audience,
Ampslide can identify those who are
most interested in your message, what
content resonated, and where your
content was shared.

Actionable insights.

Content Marketing

Unlike many webinar services,
Ampslide can be used to both present
and host your presentations. Visitors
to your Ampslide-hosted presentations
can interact with your slides.

Like original presentations.

Social Media Buzz

Social media is critical to building a
brand. With Ampslide, your audience
can be your brand champions, sharing
slides that resonates with them to
their social media network.

Event ROI

Event ROI

Ampslide's audience and slide analytics
make computing event ROI easy. Track
audience attendance, identify leads,
content clicks, and connect with
Salesforce to close the loop.

Improve Messaging

Improve Messaging

Understand which slides had the most
interest. Use Ampslide's slide-by-slide
data to improve future presentations
and messaging.

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