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Create events attendees love with results that will wow your sales and marketing teams

Ampslide can power your virtual, in-person, and hybrid events in
one unified solution with unparalleled engagement tools.
Get actionable data to secure more client meetings and increase revenue.

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Be on brand - from event to sessions

  • Customize the look and feel of your event with background images across the main site and your sessions.
  • Use Ampslide’s built-in visual agenda or integrate with a 3rd party registration and scheduling software.
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Build your event with a variety of sessions to meet your goals

Create engaging events in minutes with a variety of sessions types, all scalable from 10 attendees in a single session to 100,000-person conferences over multiple days and dozens of concurrent sessions.

  • Live presentations with video (webinars)
  • Pre-recordings
  • Live streams
  • Virtual meetings
  • Attendee-generated topics networking
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Don’t just stream - Engage

Don’t just stream - Engage

Give your attendees unmatched abilities to engage with speakers, content, and with each other on any device and from anywhere.

  • Take notes
  • Request meetings
  • Ask questions and answer polls in real-time
  • Share any slide to social media
  • Rewind slides during a live presentation
  • Participate in virtual meetings and networking
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Get actionable data for sales, marketing, and sponsorship teams

Ampslide captures unparalleled attendee intelligence on all of your event’s sessions. You’ll have the right insights on the right targets with the right context to advance your sales, marketing, and sponsorship goals.

  • Know what matters to each and every attendee.
  • Capture meeting requests, questions, poll answers, and impact of social shares across sessions.
  • With our 3rd party integrations, every attendee activity can be added to your sales and marketing funnel.
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