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How Lanlogic solved its training challenges with Ampslide.

Lanlogic is a managed service provider of IT services, support and consulting, located in the east bay area of Northern California with hundreds of clients ranging from small, mid-size and large businesses, local government agencies, and educational organizations. Lanlogic’s network management and support services provide peace of mind to organizations that are looking for a comprehensive approach to IT service management.

Lanlogic provides network security training on how to prevent cyber attacks and protect data. It wanted to keep their customers engaged and interested during their training sessions. These were their top challenges:

  • Can training customers easily see the detailed information and examples being presented, even those in the back of the room?
  • Is the solution easy to use by the customer?
  • Will the solution be complementary to how Lanlogic trainers use presentation software to train?

Ampslide enables me to up my presentation game by allowing me to present and simulcast my deck to any device with an internet connection, get real-time questions and comments from attendees, and quiz users all in one simple to use and setup interface.

The presentations I gave went seamlessly and the users wouldn’t have even known it wasn’t PowerPoint I was presenting from. I’m absolutely looking forward to using Ampslide again!

Ted Johnson
Solutions Engineer, Lanlogic